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CARE Seminar 2019 at UNSW

The term 2 seminar of CARE (Chinese Association of Renewable Energy) was held on 6.15 2019 in Tyree energy technologies building. We invited three guests from different aspect of renewable industry to take the speeches. They are Yang Guo from RFI Technology Solutions, Steve Li from BSA Limited, and Yichao Liu from BJCE Australia. Topics are summarized as follows:

  • The introduction for the structure of photovoltaic industry;

  • Analysis of financial market of renewable energy;

  • Potential challenges during placement;

  • Prediction about the future development.

There are more than 50 students attended including both undergraduate and postgraduate. After the speech, some areas of interest were discussed as well including energy storage, smart grid, and tips for applying industrial training. It was a successful seminar with great feedback and looking forward to seeing you in our future activities! We CARE you.!

由CARE举办的第二学期学术研讨会于2019年6月15日在Tyree energy technologies Building举行。我们有幸邀请到了三位来自新能源行业不同方向的嘉宾参与了演讲,他们分别是来自RFI Technology solutions的郭阳前辈,来自BSA Limited的李秋实先生和来自北京京能澳洲分公司的刘一超女士。演讲主题共分为以下四大类:

  • 光伏行业结构介绍

  • 可再生能源金融市场分析

  • 工作中可能碰到的潜在挑战

  • 未来发展的前景与预测


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